Weblog Gründerraum: Der beste Service ist kein Service

Weblog Gründerraum: Der beste Service ist kein Service

Warum das so ist und was Unternehmen verbessern müssen hat Investor und Star-Blogger Guy Kawasaki die Autoren des Buches „The best Service is no Service“ gefragt.

Hier der Sieben-Punkte-Plan des auch ansonsten sehr lesenswerten Interviews von Kawasaki mit dem Ex-Amazon-Manager Bill Price:

Eliminate dumb or avoidable contacts to free up capacity and slash costs. Build self-service that works to free up even more capacity and cut costs even more. Find ways to be proactive rather than reactive because it is often cheaper than waiting. Engage the real "owners" of customer problems to work with the customer service team to fix the problems Make it really easy to contact your business. Use the contacts you get to listen closely to the customer, and act upon WOCAS (What Our Customers Are Saying) Fix reporting metrics, processes, and the staffing side to deliver great experiences for customer contacts.





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