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Bitcoin Developer "Centralized hash rate endangers the security of the whole network"

Bitcoin Quelle: REUTERS

In his first-ever interview, German bitcoin developer Marco Falke evaluates the potential threat of a trading ban in South Korea, the impact of Chinese regulation on the bitcoin network - and explains how he became one of the leading figures in bitcoin.

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Marco Falke isn’t keen on finding his picture online. Not even a Google search will reveal his face. The 26-year-old German is protecting his privacy by all means. Not a surprising thing to do for one of only three maintainers in the bitcoin network who have access to the holy grail – the bitcoin software.

In his position as maintainer, Falke can roll out updates and will eliminate any flaw in the bitcoin code, together with a global force of developers who support this open source project.

In 2017 he graduated from TUM in Munich with a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has since moved to New York to pursue his passion – and work on bitcoin fulltime at a blockchain startup.

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