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Twitter-Founder Dorsey "The number of followers is misleading"

Jack Dorsey, Inventor and Co-Founder of Twitter, denies rumours of a sale, believes in his new company Square and talks about his own usage of Twitter.

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Twitter-Gründer Jack Dorsey

Mister Dorsey, do you still check how many followers you have?

I never do, because I don’t care. I think that the number of followers is misleading. It's just not important. You can actually make a difference even if you have only 20 followers. Your tweet can be seen by a lot more people – and that’s the real power of Twitter.

How often do you check your twitter stream?

Once every thirty minutes.

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    Yes, for me it’s just a normal way to communicate. My parents are on Twitter, my friends, my colleagues – that’s the easiest way to keep in touch.

    You are Twitter’s chairman of the board now. How much are you still involved in the company?

    We have a board meeting every six weeks. Whenever there's an important strategic decision, I'm part of it. Other than that, I travel to conferences or talk to governments.

    So you're a Twitter ambassador?

    I'm one of them. Our users are actually the best ambassadors.

    You're currently working on a new company called Square. Its goal is to allow credit card payments with smartphones. Do you feel especially pressured because of Twitter’s success?

    I think you feel pressure everytime you start a company. But with Square, we’re entering the financial industry which is new for us. Even more important, we’re dealing with people’s money so we have to guarantee security to avoid fraud. That adds to the pressure…

    …it almost sounds as if you’re skeptical.

    I'm not. I'm sure we will be successful.

    Why are you so sure?

    My gut feeling is right. The timing is good, we have the expertise, the customers like it and it serves an important function. And we're getting a lot of positive feedback.

    You're not afraid of competitors?

    Not really. When we started Twitter there were people who didn't believe in us – and see what it has come to. And why? Because we provided a simple system and focused on the essentials. If I weren't convinced of Square’s success, I wouldn't be doing it. And to be honest: If you want to be successful, you shouldn't focus too much on your competitors.

    Do you ever get tired of talking about Twitter?

    No, I love it, it’s my baby.

    But you probably didn’t expect this sort of success.

    I had a good feeling because I was aware of the potential. But this dimension certainly surprised me.

    What’s your vision for Twitter?

    The people need more access points worldwide. They should use Twitter not only on their social networks or their cellphones. Every website should be connected to Twitter. But the biggest challenge of the future certainly is finding a way to filter all the information.

    Yesterday, rumours came up on the internet that Google was considering buying Twitter again after you apparently didn't deny it at the conference LeWeb. So what's the deal?

    I can confirm that the rumour is not true. It was a misunderstanding – nothing more, nothing less.

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