Mobilfunk Nokia-Vorstand Vanjoki im englischen Wortlaut über mögliche Verkaufspläne

Das Interview mit Nokia-Vorstand Anssi Vanjoki in der aktuellen Ausgabe der Wirtschaftswoche hat viele Diskussionen über mögliche Verkaufspläne der Handysparte in der Zukunft ausgelöst. Wir dokumentieren den Original-Wortlaut der entsprechenden Passage des auf Englisch geführten Interviews.

Wirtschaftswoche: We found a letter of a former employee of Nokia in the internet. He writes: The end of the story will be that Nokia will sell the unit which manufactures all the mobile devices. The best idea will be to focus on software and content engineering.

Vanjoki: We never say never. Today our whole manufacturing and logistics engine is a key cornerstone of the competitiveness of Nokia. The reason, why we build the success story: We are shipping 500 million boxes and we are making everything ourselves. We can transform that power – not only deliver in phones. But manufacturing and logistics continues to be a very big part of the value generation that we have at Nokia. The mobile phone business is still a very big business. It has not disappeared. It doesn’t have the same growth anymore. And even the margins are less than it used to be. But it is still a very big business.

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